Ting a Ling歌词

Ting a Ling歌词

醒来 在充满你气味房里

悄悄跳上琴键 开始浪漫情节

Ting a ting a ling


多远距离 也感觉心有灵犀

什么关卡 冒险像在度假


I love you eyes I love you hair I love you lips

铃声响起 爱神来临

爱 上你的呼吸

享受 阳光下 火热的爱

Ting a ting a ling



加个砝码 为你全部梭哈


I love your eyes I love your hair I love your lips

铃声响起 爱神来临

I love you boy 不用去猜

Just watch me now watch me nlizhaoxiang.comow

Sexy body sexy body sexy body girl like

Mm nearly prrtty like a diamond the pearl like

Me wanna touch up on you body

That would make me happy

But me no want you think that I'm a pevert

So you do this baby

The more movement you care meh

Step into the bed and you looking for some entertainment

Ting a ling a ling ah we have a little thing

Ah step on this thing let me put on a ring ah

Come on watch me now come on watch me now

Don't ask me why